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Contact Information

Email: Email Address Hidden (click)
Facebook: m1geo
Twitter: @m1geo
Google Plus: George Smart
LastFM: compu-king
Ubuntu Forum: Compu-king (130968)

A little about me

Photo taken by Lorenzo Levrini
Sketch by Gemma Harris (click)

Hi, I’m George Smart. I am a Ph.D Student. I work with Wireless Sensor Networks in the department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering at University College London (UCL). I have many hobbies and interests, ranging from programming to drawing, from Linux to girls - it is possible to like both. I hold a full Radio Amateur License, with the call-sign M1GEO. I have many computers. I’m 6 foot 2 inches, and built well. I like taking photos, although I am not very good - I am hoping to improve on that. I spend most of my term time either in university, or sleeping.

Another decent picture of me, taken by Lorenzo Levrini

This site will be updated as and when I have time. Electronics and Engineering are keen interests of mine, along with programming and just generally toying with ideas and concepts to further my own knowledge - It's why I'm doing a Ph.D!

I have tried to adopt a formal stance to this site, as I think that it could provide useful information to those requiring it. However, I am the least formal person to exist. I am untidy by nature. I am only just civilized, but I do know how to cook and clean (student style, at least).

I really enjoy music. I always listen to it. I like all genres of music. My favorite genre is something along the lines of rocky-metal-punk-indie-alternative. I don’t mind the current chart music. Take a look at what I listen to on my Last FM page.

I’m generally very happy and cheerful, and usually with a smile. I like to help people. I like to teach - I help run peer learning classes in our department with a few other students. I do lab demonstrating in the undergraduate lab, helping students with practical aspects of electronic engineering. I teach the Radio Amateurs' Examination to Full level and am registered with the RSGB.

Finally, a few bits and pieces:

  • I don't drink.
  • I have never smoked.
  • I drive a Ford Focus.
  • I love MilkShakes - ShakeAway is Genius.
  • I love McDonald's Chicken Nuggles with BBQ sauce.
  • I am a good thinker. I am logical.
  • I am not very good at Mathematics - Despite the fact I really try hard to be!
  • I am quite clumsy.
  • I find it difficult to be quiet.
  • I am practically nocturnal.
  • I am not very good at writing.
  • I can draw quite well.
  • I am very nostalgic.
  • I can type quickly. I used to be able to manage 90 wpm (words/minute). I don't suppose I can now.

That is probably about enough of that.