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Curriculum Vitae

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Name George Christopher SMART
Date of Birth 07 January 1989
Gender Male
Nationality English
Address withheld
Telephone withheld
Email Click here
Institution Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

University College London

Dates September 2007 - September 2011 (4 years)
Title of Qualification Awarded MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Result Second Class, Upper Division (2:1) with Honours
References Dr. Ioannis Andreopoulos (Lecturer, UCL); Dr. John Mitchell (Senior Lecturer, UCL); Dr. David Mills (Researcher, QMUL)
Programming Languages BASIC, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic
Simulation Languages Spice, VHDL, Verilog (basic working knowledge)
Scripting Languages BASH, LaTeX, Python, Perl
Web Languages CSS, HTML, XML
Operating Systems Linux (extensive knowledge), Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, UNIX
Software Packages Apache, MATLAB, MediaWiki, Microsoft Office, MySQL, NetBeans, OpenOffice, various PCB layout packages.
Test Equipment Logic Analyser, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser, Vector Network Analyser
Hardware Extensive use of Microchip PICs, basic use of Xilinx FPGAs
* Fourth year project, “Content Centric Live Video Streaming System”

Worked in a team to create an open source video test-bed to stream

video via the internet. This included working with standard C libraries,

computer hardware and basic network programming.



* Third year project, “Software Defined Radio for Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks”

Developed MATLAB scripts to detect the status of ZigBee channels

based on basic DSP techniques. Investigated use of Mini-Circuits mixer

modules outside of their specified parameters. Tested against model

and real data with good results.


* Weather Station

Having an interest in weather led me to design and develop a data

logger to record temperature, rainfall and sunlight. This was uploaded

to a computer for long term trend analysis.

* Nixie Clock

Designed and built a Nixie clock for a friend who had some old but

stylish neon numerical indicators. This required me to design every

aspect of the clock from the circuit and PCB, to the firmware used in

the microcontroller.

* UCAS Student Co-ordinator and Helper

University College London

September 2008 – March 2011

* Senior Mentor, UCL Transition Program

University College London

September 2009 – December 2010

Fourth Year (Group) Project (masters level) 70 %
Radar Systems (masters level) 75 %
Satellite Communications (masters level) 72 %
Antennas & Propagation (masters level) 63 %
Third Year (Individual) Project 70 %
Digital Signal Processing & Systems 67 %
Control Systems 68 %
Advanced Digital Design 64 %
Object Orientated Programming (Java) 76 %
Optoelectronics 76 %
Electronic Circuits 71 %

You may also be interested in my Undergraduate Personal Statement and my Postgraduate Personal Statement .