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Recently, I have been getting very high volumes of spam. As a good way to combat this, I've decided to guard my contact details behind a capcha. I'm sorry; no body likes these things, least of all me, but they really do work! On the plus side, you're helping to digitise books! If the capcha isn't visible, please follow this link. There are other ways to Contact me too.

I have also tweaked settings to reject sending servers on common block lists (zen.spamhaus, bl.spamcop, clb.abuseat). If this causes you a problem, have a look at other ways to Contact me.

Foreign Languages

If you're not a native English speaker and are using a translating service to translate to English, please include a copy of the original (in your native language). This may also help if you're not sure of technical words in English. I may be able to get it translated at work (or by friends) which greatly aids with technical questions!