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This page will be populated with some of my FPGA projects and work, as I get around to them. For now, there are a few pages that my interest you:

  • Spartan-3E - A little about my Spartan dev board from Digilent.
  • Xilinx JTAG Linux - Using programming cables with Xilinx under Ubuntu (JTAG/Cable Drivers, etc).

Projects & Examples

All of these projects include the Verilog HDL code and have been tested on a Spartan-3E development board with an Xilinx XC3S500E FPGA. There is a video clip of each of the projects working.

  • FPGA Simple XOR Tutorial guides you through making a simple XOR gate project in Xilinx ISE 12.1, from opening the ISE to testing on hardware.
  • FPGA Pong Game outputs a colour pong game to VGA monitor, using the rotary encoder of the Spartan-3E for paddle movement.
  • FPGA PS2 Mouse initialises the PS/2 mouse into streaming mode, and then parses the bitstream for X-Y movement and button presses.