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I use the Internet a lot, and as such have managed to collect up a good few links. Most of these won't interest most people, and for that, I apologise, but some of these may interest a few people.



Radio Stuff

Social Networking

Web Comics

Internet Television & Radio

Also see my Media page.


  • BBC iPlayer defines the standard.
  • Channel 4 Catchup is similar, though much less slick than iPlayer. Works on Linux/Mac now.
  • Zattoo is for watching Live TV over the Internet.


  • .977 Music has several radio stations with minimal adverts and great music!
  • Capital Radio is London's world famous radio station.

Search Engines

Odds & Sods

  • MetCheck is a very reliable weather forecaster (so I have found).
  • TubeJP is a much better London tube map and journey planner than the one which TfL provide. (Very good!)