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During a family visit to Cornwall in July 2011, I had the opertunity to visit the Lizard Wireless Centre at Lizard, Cornwall and the Marconi Centre at Poldhu, Cornwall. This page just has a few pictures that I thought may be of interest. If you click the pictures, more details will appear about the image; clicking the image again will show the full resolution image. If you would like an image without the copyright notice, contact me - it's not a problem!

The Lizard Wireless Centre

The first Coastal Path sign mentioning the Lizard Wireless Station.

Marconi LizardWireless 1.JPG

Commemorative plaque outside the Lizard Wireless Station.

Marconi LizardWireless 2.JPG

National Trust sign, also outside the wireless site.

Marconi LizardWireless 3.JPG

View across the bay from the station.

Marconi LizardWireless 4.JPG

The station (2 huts on left) and lighthouse site (right).

Marconi LizardWireless 5.JPG

Final part of the footpath leading to the station.

Marconi LizardWireless 6.JPG

Also near buy, the Lloyds Signal Station, used by Lloyds Insurance to keep track of ships.

Marconi LizardWireless 7.JPG

The open sign and view out to see.

Marconi LizardWireless 8.JPG

The (original) workshops as used by Marconi. Antennas located out of shot to right.

Marconi LizardWireless 9.JPG

Inside the workshop, the Marconi station. Some parts are replicas, some original.

Marconi LizardWireless 10.JPG

The Wireless Station's QSL Card for their Amateur Radio Station, GB2LD.

Marconi LizardWireless 11.JPG

The view from the workshop window.

Marconi LizardWireless 12.JPG

My car, parked where sections of the World-War 2 Chain Home Radar were sited.

Marconi LizardWireless 13.JPG

The Marconi Centre (Poldhu)

The start of the footpath leading to the Marconi Centre.

Marconi MarconiCentre 1.JPG

The outside of the Marconi Centre.

Marconi MarconiCentre 2.JPG

Sign explaining the view of the radio field.

Marconi MarconiCentre 3.JPG

Foundations of transmitter house, used for first Atlantic communications by Marconi (designed by A. Flemming).

Marconi MarconiCentre 4.JPG

One of the Marconi Centre's modern Amateur Radio Stations (available for use by Radio Hams).

Marconi MarconiCentre 5.JPG

Chris, G8OCV works PSK31 from the Marconi Centre

Marconi MarconiCentre 6.JPG

A Morse key produced by Marconi's Wireless Telegraphy Company Ltd.

Marconi MarconiCentre 7.JPG

Monument to Marconi standing in the old antenna field outside the Marconi Centre.

Marconi MarconiCentre 8.JPG

These images show the 4 plaques on the sides of the monument. Click an image to enlarge.

Marconi MarconiCentre 9.JPG
Marconi MarconiCentre 10.JPG
Marconi MarconiCentre 11.JPG
Marconi MarconiCentre 12.JPG

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